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Please follow the below instructions regarding the required photos to be submitted with your application.

Thanks for submitting!

photo submissions



Please send in a front facing headshot, a side profile headshot (we need to see the jawline so try and keep hair away from the face) and at least 1 full length shot.


Guidelines and requirements:


You don't need professional photos.

​Make sure the pictures are in focus and in colour.

No filters or enhancements.
No selfies and no pouting.
Light makeup only. ​Keep hair as natural as possible.
No hats or sunglasses.

No baggy clothing.


Any applications not following the above will be rejected.

Please submit your photos for review by sending them to:

Due to the volume of submissions, only applicants with potential will be contacted.

Please do not phone our office in regards to applications.

get in touch

We'd love to hear from you so email us at

or call us on 07543648113.

Applicants 16+ only.

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